How To Treasurer A School Fundraiser PTSA Event

Needed to complete this task successfully, two PTSA members will need to be available to participate in a kick off for the fundraiser meeting, and to count money together at the end of the fundraiser.



­ There should ALWAYS be two people counting the money.

­ Keep copies of the order forms for your records. Sometimes one comes with the order forms for you to keep. If not, make a copy.

1.    Coordinate with the fundraiser chair and the second treasurer:

  • Find out the date for the end of the fundraiser.
  • Ask where the fundraiser’s order forms with money will be turned in.
  • Find out who is the PTSA Treasure; this will be the person to turn the money into at the end of the fundraiser.
  • Collect needed materials for turning the order forms in:
  1. Shipping-envelope for returning order forms
  2. Manila-envelope for keeping copies of the order forms for your records
  3. Paper for tracking extra or missing money
  4. 2 Deposit forms
  • Arrange times with the second treasurer for counting money at the end of the fundraiser

 2.    Collect the fundraiser order forms with their money:

  • Pick up the order forms with their money for four days following the end of the fundraiser:
  1. Day 1: once at lunch time and once at the end of the school day
  2. Day 2 & 3: at the end of the day
  3. Day 4: pick up the last of the forms, and count the money

NOTE: All money must be held in the PTSA safe at the school. Two PTSA members must be present when handling the money.


 3.    Count the money for each form:

NOTE: To make it easier, consider counting the money as it comes in.

  • Tally all the items.
  • Check that the items were added correctly at the bottom.
    • Tally the price for all the items.
    • Make sure the totals matched at the bottom of the order form.
      • Count the money that was included with the order form.
      • Check that your total for the money they sent in matches your total for the price of all the items.
      • NOTE: sometimes parents add wrong at the end. Check the money agenst your totals not the parents.
      • If there is any extra money or missing money see step 6.
        • Document where the checks came from.
        • On each check, write the students full name and their teacher’s name.

4.    Deposit the money:

  • Fill out one of the deposit forms and make sure both treasurers sign it.
  • Meet up with the PTSA treasurer and hand over the deposit form, money, and a copy of the documentation of the extra/missing money.

5.    Send in the Order forms:

  • Keep a copy of each of the order forms.
  • Put the copies and a copy of the documentation of extra/lack of money in the Manila-envelope you received at the beginning.
  • If a carbon copy did not come with the order forms, make a copy for your records.

NOTE: If there is any problems with the orders when they are picked up by parents you will want these forms to rely on.

  • If there is still a form with missing money see step 6.
  • Seal the order forms in the return envelope that you received at the beginning of the fundraiser.
  • Mail them with the required mailing facilities (FedEx, UPS, ect)

6.   If money was missing or an order was received late:

  • When there is missing money with the order form:


    Figure 1: An example of how missing money was documented on the form.

  • Document any extra money or lack of money on the paper for tracking missing/extra money.
  • Include the full name of the student, what was missing/extra, and what was the payment (i.e. 2 twenties and a check for 36$)
  • Contact the parents and arrange for drop off of any missing money.
    • When there is still missing money and it is time to turn in the order forms:
    • If there is still an order form with missing money do not send in that order form with the rest.

Note: There is a three-day to a week grace period depending on the company you work with to get any straggling forms faxed in

  • Continue to try and get in contact with the parents to receive the
    Figure 2: An example of documentation of when payment could not be collected for one order on the form.

    Figure 2: An example of documentation of when payment could not be collected for one order on the form.


    • When it is time to fax in all the straggling forms:
    • Count the money and check that it is all there.
    • Cross off any order that has not been paid for on the form.
    • Keep a copy at the top of your copy pile in the Manila-envelope.
    • Turn the money and a new deposit slip in to the PTSA treasurer.
    • Fax in the order forms.


Now that you have completed your job as Fundraiser Treasurer, please fill out an End of Event form and turn it, and the Manila-envelope, in to the fundraising Chair. Thank you for supporting your PTSA.


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