Shannon Talbot



University of Washington –Tacoma


  • Bachelor’s in Writing studies- focusing on technical writing
    • Have taken: cross-cultural communications and design, creative non-fiction, advanced fiction, writing in natural sciences, web design and communications in the workplace
    • Am currently taking: Advance web design and User center design
  • Pre-medicine track

Pierce College – WA


  • Associates of Art
  • Associates of Science
  • Associates of Biology


Tahoma West – Marketing Manager

Sept 2013- Present

  •  Reserving space to put on events
  •  Making flyers for events
  •  Marketing Tahoma West both online and in person


June 2013- Present

  • Secretary of Drum Intermediate
  • Ran Fundraiser- $25,000 in sales

                                                                                                                          June 2012- June 2013

  • Secretary of Chambers Primary PTSA
  • Accountable for all of Chamber’s PTSA’s records and history
  • Created documents for meetings and events
  • Chair of Fundraising committee
  • Put on 4 fundraisers
  • Responsible for tens of thousands of dollars
  • Kept strict records of all sales and money
  • Chair of Reflections
  • Reflections is an art fair for students – First year it was ran at Chambers
  • Created awareness for the event and recruited judges
  • Followed strict guidelines and dates
  • Put on the event
  • Chair of Science Fair, School Dances, Fourth Grade Moving-On
  • Created advertisement for the events
  • Hired vendors for the events
  • Put on the events
  • Volunteer at several hosted events throughout the year
  • Volunteered and Chaired several other events in the past


Undergraduate Research:

I was one of three researchers working on testing how well bark mulch protected plants from P. ramorum. Once we found good mulches we then analyzed what could possibly be the reason for it and wrote our reports and proposals. Was able to earn three university credits from the work.


  • Competent researcher
  • Highly organized, able to manage multiple tasks, and prioritize appropriately meeting deadlines
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Familiar with Apple/Mac, Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Drupal, and WordPress
  • Like being involved and working with others

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