IAS Newsletter – website

I  did this group project in dreamweaver. This project, of creating a website for University of Washington’s IAS’s newsletter, allowed me to put my new skills of creating containers to use. I had to work with an audience that was familiar with and loved UWT. Therefore, my group and I decided to go with a main page that reflected UWT’s home page; images of UWT, faculty and students, and their mascot, and content and headings that were clear and concise. With the time I dedicated to this project, I became very familiar with dreamweaver. By the end of the project, I had no problems making containers, editing content, and showcasing my design ideas quickly and effectively.

This project showed the importance of group work, research, and beta testing. I found the deadlines easier to meet with a group. Also having a group gave me people to bounce ideas off of and receive advice from. Research helped to show us what design elements were effective with similar audiences. Beta testing pulled our flaws into the spotlight. That, once fixed, bettered our website.

Junctions Newsletter – IAS Alumni Website in Dreamweaver


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