Personal Project Page

This page consists of my projects for my web design class. This page showcases my achievements as I learn web design, and also gave me a page to update. Being consistent with updates is important with our changing standards and technology. If one simply creates a page and leaves it, it quickly becomes irrelevant. Also updating a page regularly allows one to learn new skills and incorporate these new skills into their work as they become available.

web design project page

web design project page

My journey began with learning HTML. The key that I have found to learning HTML is to read the rules, study the rules and PRACTICE the rules. Then as I became familiar with HTML, I studied CSS. The key concepts that helped me with CSS other than the CSS language was contrast and layout. I also learned how to minipulate fonts, borders, and backgrouds to turn out a pleasing project. I then did a group project in dreamweaver that allowed me to put my new skills of creating containers to use.  With the time I dedicated to this project, I became familiar with dreamweaver. This project showed the importance of group work and beta testing.


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